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1. I am so behind on everything! And yet… I took a couple of hours yesterday to paint. Nothing finished to show… but here’s the messy mess!

2. I think I forgot to tell you that there is great family news: Steve and I are going to be first-time grandparents! My son Christer and daughter-in-law Christi are expecting their first child September 9th. Wheee! (Here they are skyping us from China to tell us the news!)

3. My photographer husband is doing is first online workshop this summer! Steve was the “guest artist” during “The Art of Silliness 3,” providing four silly/serious exercises as part of that class. He caught the teaching bug and is going to do a two week course — Photo Silly — from June 12-25. Steve writes:

“Photo Silly” is a 2 week course with daily assignments designed to help you see better with your camera. We will cover some basic technical principles to help make the best use of the amazing tools we now have with digital cameras. We will do some silly assignments and some not so silly. This class is for anyone who likes taking pictures and wants to involve more photography in their art.

Sound fun? Registration info and details will be up soon!

4. On Saturday I’m teaching a one-day workshop in Port Angeles, WA based on “Drawing Lab.” The class is actually full, but the reason I’m mentioning it is that there will be a “lunch and talk” portion that is open to the public. The cost is $10 (for lunch) and I will be doing my first “talk” about the book. Details are here!

5. Silly 2 is now available for purchase as PDFs!

6. When in NY last week I had the opportunity to meet some of Melanie Testa’s Journal Study Group. (They get together once a month, or more, and do all sorts of things, such as sketch at museums and share techniques. Everyone should have such a group!)

We had lunch and then went to see this exhibit at the Guggenheim… such a fun afternoon! They are (left to right): Teri Flemal, Benedicte Caneill, Patricia Gaignat, me, and Shirley Levine. (Unfortunately for us, Melly was feeling ill that day and couldn’t join us. We missed you!)

7. Cheerios!!

8. I recently updated my etsy shop with some originals from my “girls” series. (And yes, I hope to add animals soon!)

9. The theme this month over at The Sketchbook Challenge is SPILLING OVER. Head on over to the blog and flickr site for all sorts of inspiration!

10. Finally, #10. The last few weeks I have felt overwhelmed by “little” things. Each day I tick off another item from my list. But if I owe you artwork (Antoinette, Eva) or some silly prizes (Silly 3 Squeens and Spanish Sillies), or have not responded to an email, please know that I am working on it!

(And, I accidentally deleted an email that began “Are you going to be…?” Ack! That’s all I read before I hit the delete button… if you wrote that email, I’m so sorry! Please write again!)

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That’s it for now. Thank you for visiting… I sure appreciate all of you.