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Purple Horse, oil on wood, 4″ x 6″


On Monday I wrote that I had a lot of WRITING to do this week.

Well, today is Thursday and almost nothing has been written so far: I’ve just had the hardest time wrapping my head around any “thoughts” — I don’t know where to start.

When drawing, it’s easier for me to draw when there’s a blob shape or a line or something already “there” to get me started — basically, a problem for me to solve.

I remembered today that the same is true for writing.

Can you help me?

I need something to start from. Is there something you would like to ask me, about drawing or creativity or anything like that? Please,

(Either comment here on this post or email me privately: carla@carlasonheim.com.)

I will try to answer most of them as time goes by, and of course will make any answers available to you here.

Thank you in advance (so much) for your help.