I have the most gorgeous storage system that I wanted to share with you. But first, the back story: I’m hopelessly unorganized with my “stuff.”


After 20 years of this chaos, my husband, Steve, swooped in to help, and for Christmas 2013 he got “me” an art storage system!

He started with these IKEA Ivar shelves (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S29896362/):


He bought them not knowing exactly what the “bin” solution would be, and set me to work trying to find low, shallow baskets. I searched all over for wicker baskets or plastic bins but found nothing that seemed right. Finally, Steve suggested we have them made out of wood. He designed the following box and we found a carpenter on Craigslist to make them for us!


I loved that they were wood, solid and not see-through, which looks clean and uncluttered. I can hide the chaos within, and still know where everything is.


These look like regular drawers, but they are actually boxes that can be placed anywhere, on the floor, or my desk to rummage through, and then easily put back in place.


I use the separate drawers for storage: paints, markers, brushes, smaller blank canvasses, Gelli® Plate and monotype supplies, plus three drawers of collage material. (I find I have to limit myself to three collage drawers; otherwise the whole wall would be “collage.”) I have a Year of the Spark drawer, a Year of the Fairy Tale, etc.

It’s also the place to house finished or in-process works:


Steve’s System definitely keeps my studio looking more presentable.


The second photo from the top? The one that’s meant to be a “before” photo? That’s my mess that was moved out of the way so we could take the photos.


Have a wonderful day!

PS – Please share any storage solutions you have found helpful!