A 30-day blog project: Something FoundSomething Written, and Something Made.


Day #8

Something FOUND.

Found at my sister’s house a few weeks ago, when I was 3:


Something WRITTEN.

Greeting Cards to People from my Past

Dear Diane,
Thank you for the hours of Barbie® and horse statue play. I loved your long straight hair.
Love, Carla

Dear Roxanne,
You were mean to me in 6th grade that one time and I haven’t forgiven you.
Love, Carla

Dear Natalie,
The giant’s shoe that you said hit the window was really a bird and I know that.
Love, Carla

Dear Mrs. McCloud,
I feel vaguely guilty about things but, frankly, you were the adult in that situation.
Love, Carla

Dear Ed,
Sorry you broke your ankle on our sprinkler head.
Love, Carla

Dear Kelly,
I’m sorry for every single fight we had growing up. I truly am.
Love, Carla


Something MADE.



Have a wonderful day!