Steve and I have gotten into the dubious habit of eating chocolate chip cookies for dessert at least four times a week (a box of six lasts two days, and we average two boxes each week).

A trip to the doctor not long ago (and the accompanying weigh-in) has gotten me to thinking that perhaps I need to knock off the cookies a little.

So I asked Steve not to buy the cookies anymore, or at least hide them really well, because if I know they’re in the house, I will eat them.

I found them IMMEDIATELY.

Do you see them? He hid them in the VEGETABLE drawer, thinking I would never find them there.

This reminds me of my “Muffin Rules” that I might have shared here before, but bear repeating as they apply to Cookies as well:

  1. Eating a muffin is always justified if you want one. 
  2. A second muffin is only justified if you really want it.
  3. A third is never justified, unless you REALLY want it.


Have a great day!