Art Journaling with Pam Garrison is now open for registration!

Class Dates: October 19-29, 2021

In this class we will create a one-of-a-kind art journal from watercolor and mixed papers. It’s made from a simple, single signature that we’ll hand bind. It’s the perfect place for art play and exploration; an ever-evolving home for your ideas and artistic creations.

We’ll begin by jump-starting your pages and addressing the blank page. Next I’ll show you a simple way to fold and bind your book that you can use to make more journals of any size. We will spend time with watercolors, acrylic painting, sumi ink, dip pen, collage, lettering and more. You’ll leave the class with your own art journal that you can grab and add to as inspiration hits, and I’m imagining the desire (and knowledge) to make so many more one-of-a-kind art journals!

Making books and working in them is a part of my daily art life, and I can’t imagine my art practice without them! In this class we will make a big beautiful art journal filled with possibility and fun where anything goes. This class is for anyone…. art journaling is a perfect compliment to any  type of art practice!

I can’t wait to art journal with you!



Class Itinerary

Lesson 1 – Gather Our Papers
Tear to size. Prepare 5-10 with paint and cut and shape edges while unbound.

Lesson 2 – Binding
We will order our pages and design our art journals, then create a binding template and bind our books using a simple pamphlet stitch.

Lesson 3 _ Pen Play
We’ll begin to play on the pages! I’ll demonstrate how I respond to the randomly prepared pages and discuss how I approach working in art journals. Including dip pen and ink and miscellaneous black pens, markers and colored pencils.

Lesson 4 – Wet Media
We’ll continue to play on our pages adding “wet media” like water color paint and acrylics. We’ll respond to previous marks and discuss working in no particular order.

Lesson 5 – Addressing the Blank Page
There is no need to fear the blank page or feel like you need to “know where it’s going” nor “finish the page”. We’ll use reference materials as inspiration and collage elements.

Lesson 6 – The Cover
I’ll demo approaching the paper cover spread using sumi ink and brush and acrylic paint and share my color palette formation.


– The videos for this class are pre-recorded and will be released on the following time table:

Lesson 1 – Tuesday, October 19
Lesson 2 – Wednesday, October 20
Lesson 3 – Friday, October 22

Lesson 4 – Tuesday, October 26
Lesson 5 – Wednesday, October 27
Lesson 6 – Friday, October 29

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