Sometimes I start something and, well….

My idea for this blog series — creating “word posters” from your suggestions — IS NOT HAPPENING right now… so sorry! But I can share some notes I took on some of your previous suggestions, and I will:


#3 – Awkward Frogs and Busy Chickens, suggested by Julia

Awkward frogs are one thing, but busy chickens are another.


#4 – Moving, suggested by Sara

Moving is something that I apparently love to do.

(Not the body-motion kind of moving, but the house-location kind — the former would be a little too close to exercise and, well, I think you know where this sentence is going….)

But moving to a new house? Where I will be able to shed all of my piles of stuff and it will be neat and fresh and sparkly? Something with a view perhaps? Or a studio space where I can close the door?

Yes. (Zillow here I come.)


#5 – Why I’ve believed six impossible things before breakfast, suggested by Beth

I love this. It opens the mind and Lewis Carroll was brilliant to write it.

But I can do the Queen one better. Here are SEVEN impossible things that I believed before breakfast this morning!

  1. That I will meditate for five minutes today like I’ve been told to do (and which will change my life).
  2. That I will make it to drinking my coffee without checking my email for “drawing emergencies.”
  3. That I will take a shower and get dressed before noon.
  4. That I will get at least one thing completely done on my to-do list today.
  5. That I will find my to-do list.
  6. That I will vacuum on a regular basis, starting today.
  7. That I will make a word poster like I promised.


#6 – Siamese cats, suggested by Nancy

I would like to write a poem
about these Siamese cats in my head

But they are meowing

In unison

And there are quite a lot of them

Maybe 3,643
Give or take a few



#7 – The sky was yellow and the sun was blue…
– From Scarlet Begonias by the Grateful Dead, suggested by nlharty

When you think about it, this makes as much sense as the other way around.


I promised you 10 so three more to go! Please comment with a topic (it can be just one or two words, or a sentence, a quote, etc.). Thank you!!